In the Spotlight: Meet Lisa!

When the Erstwilder museum launched last year, Lisa Hutchison was ecstatic because it meant she finally had a reference tool with which to catalogue the incredible number of Erstwilder designs she has collected over the years. And it’s not just the brooches either, Lisa is a big fan of our necklace designs, complementing her wardrobe with designs that invite compliments.

What’s more, Lisa truly lives up to the Erstwilder raison d'etre of spreading joy, consistently refreshing her collection, and passing on pieces she is not wearing so they can give joy to someone else.

Here’s how Lisa described what Erstwilder and the Erstwilder community mean to her: “The love of contemporary brooches and accessories has created an incredibly diverse community of people. I have made incredible friends through collecting, and they are now great friends that I now talk to every day. I know this is true for thousands of people in the community and it is so special. We’ve supported each other through great highs and lows and everyday life. It is incredible.”

We recently quizzed Lisa about her personal Erstwilder collection, as well as some of the experiences she has had with our designs over the years.

Which design was your first Erstwilder piece?

My first piece was the red and blue Fancie Jo Sparrow. I can’t choose one brooch, my favourite piece is actually a set of three, which is these Erstwhile See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil monkey brooches. My Donovan Duck with chevron boots is also my favourite as I gifted it to my Nan when she needed good luck, she wore it so much it lost a boot, but it's still perfect to me.

Which design do you wear the most?

I own a lot of pieces, and I set myself a theme challenge each week so that I get a chance to wear them all. But I probably wear the Dancing Duck pieces the most, or my Paige, Paulette, and Madame Amore poodles equally.

Why do you like to wear brooches?

Brooches are fun. But they are also a great way to break the ice and connect with people. They help elevate an outfit or complete an outfit by tying the outfit together. They are a way of expressing a mood or making a statement. They are wearable art. They are just brilliant. I have an equal love of statement necklaces for the same reasons.

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